iNature Project

Millions of plastic or silicone iPhone cases and other mobile devices are produced around the world each year, taking 25 to 50 years to decompose. Making biodegradable cases is a small contribution to reducing environmental pollution.


Whoever buys an iNature case, has chosen a beautiful, easy, functional and above all useful product because it will help the planet in some way.


We produce iNature with care and attention to every single detail in order to minimize our environmental footprint. For example, our packaging has always been made in Italy with recyclable cardboard, the colors are natural and non-toxic but since 2019 we have made it more streamlined! Now our shipments in-grow less ... it takes little to be GREEN :)


The iNature project helps to shift the focus onto small daily gestures, those that unknowingly help our Planet to become more livable.


We have done it! Since 2010, the laborious and secret work of refinement and experimentation has yielded its fruits by creating something unique like iNature, a widely used product that in addition to being beautiful and functional is also biodegradable.


Now it's up to you, buy an Italian product created in the heart of the Marche region and help us spread the word about it.


If everything Green becomes fashionable we will have more hope of saving our planet.