About Us


iNature is the literal definition of a person who adopts a lifestyle attentive to the environment that surrounds them.Being respectful of nature is the same as being respectful of one's own existence. This is the philosophy that has always guided Luca and Paolo's choices, creators of the brand.


At a time when man struggles between hyper-consumerism and environmental stability, iNature is committed to entering the market with a product with zero environmental impact, without sacrificing the style and quality that has always distinguished the design and workmanship of Made in Italy.


Through the use of biopolymers and new processing techniques, we have created a range of 100% biodegradable and compostable eco-friendly products.

Unlike the organic products on the market today, iNature offers a product on the same quality level of traditional plastics pollutants:

- durable over time, " not single use ".

- pleasant to the touch and smell

- with a price in line with the market


Everything stems from Luca and Paolo's desire to communicate the Inature philosophy to their consumers.

From a product as simple as a cover, it is possible to spread a concept such as respect for the environment.

... from our thoughts comes the project that

becomes a product,

vehicle for our dream:

raise the world’s awareness of our philosophy ...