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Brad_Forsythe BRAD FORSYTHE for iNature

  Design Collaboration by Haiku Artist Brad Forsythe

About Brad Forsythe

Forsythe’s artwork has been widely exhibited and appears in both private and corporate collections throughout the world. In addition to his mixed media canvas paintings, Forsythe also creates lens-based art featuring his award winning abstract digital images. His visual art is derived from the everyday experiences of living on the North shore of Maui. Prior to establishing Brad Forsythe Art, he was the co-founder, president and executive creative director of Forsythe & Butler, an advertising and marketing firm based in Houston with offices on Maui.  For more information visit www.forsytheart.com




Finalist in the 8th Annual International Design Awards


IDA_2014-hmHAIKU, HI (May 11, 2015)   Every year millions of smart phone cases end up discarded, taking up to half a century or longer to decompose.  So setting out to solve this problem, Luca Torresi created the first 100 percent bio-degradable smart phone case utilizing material for eco-sustainability and zero pollution. Last year Torresi was introduced to Haiku artist Brad Forsythe and a collaboration was born with a new “Artist Series” collection of iPhone cases produced by Torresi’s company iNature.  Forsythe’s signed limited edition Artist Series smart phone cases were recently selected as finalists at the 8th Annual International Design Awards (IDA) in the Communications Technology New Product category. 


Forsythe said, “The design award recognition was an exciting surprise. New product collaborations with amazing companies like iNature have provided me with a novel way to connect with new audiences.  When I create paintings on canvas I never think of where else this work might end up. The idea of my art traveling to faraway places on everything from surfboards to smart phone cases and having a visual impact on people's everyday lives is a real thrill for me.”    


Forsythe’s mixed media paintings are inspired by the diverse exotic land and seascapes of Maui and capture the beauty of nature through his energetic brushstrokes and palette of dazzling bright colors. His art has previously appeared on products far from the Hawaiian Islands, ranging from Italian-made scarves to custom snowboards and skis.  In 2014 Forsythe partnered with Maui based legendary board shaper Jimmy Lewis and provided art for a new line of Super Tech SUP surfboards.


The IDA annual design competition honors legendary design visionaries in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic and Fashion Design.  This year’s entries totaled over 1,000 and were represented by works from 52 different countries. iNature’s smart phone cases are sold throughout Italy, Japan and online at http://www.inature.it  In 2012 iNature was awarded The Consumer Electronics Show Innovations in Design and Engineering Award in Las Vegas. 

Brad Forsythe for iNature
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Brad Forsythe for iNature
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Brad Forsythe for iNature
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Brad Forsythe for iNature
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Brad Forsythe for iNature
€ 15,00
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