iNature is the literal translation of “me and nature” and the lifestyle of those who choose to respect their environment.
Respecting nature is equal to respecting one’s own existence.
This has always been Luca and Paolo’s guiding philosophy, the creators of the brand.
In times in which man struggles with overconsumption and environmental instability, iNature places itself on the market with a zero-impact product which doesn’t transcend from the style and quality that has always distinguished the design and workmanship of products “Made in Italy”.
We’ve created a range of Eco-Friendly 100% Biodegradable and Compostable products utilizing biopolymers and new production techniques.
Different from the other Bio-Products on the market today, iNature proposes a product that is qualitatively equal to traditional polluting plastics:
- Extremely Durable
- Pleasant touch and smell
- Easy access to all features
- Reasonable price in line with the market
All this was created from Luca and Paolo’s hope to express the “Nature and I” philosophy to their customers. 
From a common mobile cover an ideal like "Respect for the Environment" can be learned and applied.
….from our philosophy our project was created
which generated a product,
and carries our dream:
Raising awareness in the world for our philosophy…..

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