Our Mission

Every year, millions of plastic or silicone covers are produced in the world for iPhones and other mobile phones, this tremendous amount of material will take from 25 to 50 years to decompose.

Creating biodegradable covers is a small contribution to the world battle against pollution.

A consumer who buys an iNature cover buys an attractive, trendy, functional product that will also contribute in protecting our eco-system.

The iNature product has been designed to have a ZERO impact on the planet: packaging is recyclable, colors are natural and non-toxic, production is carried out carefully and is well pondered, the product itself is biodegradable, transportation is reduced as opposed to orient-produced products.

The iNature products have furthermore been studied to protect a fashion product like the iPhone, therefore itself becoming a fashionable product.

Our hope is to give our eco-sustainability and “Green” culture a better chance at reaching a large number of people who will receive this important message and possibly become followers of this necessary outlook for our future and our children’s future.

After many years of research and experimental trials we have finally reached our goal in producing and marketing a high consumption product, which is not only 100% biodegradable but also attractive and functional.

By introducing it in stores all over the world we hope to render customers more aware and sensitive to eco-sustainability by joining the two concepts of fashion and a “green” culture.

If everything “Green” becomes fashionable then we have more hope of saving our planet both for ourselves but more importantly, for future generations.

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